End of Term Progress Report

Dear Friends,

These are difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic has touched so many of us directly. And many more have experienced the economic pain of layoffs or closed businesses. I lost my father to COVID-19 complications and experienced unbearable heartbreak like so many of you. 

As your representative in Congress, I took an oath to serve—to fight on behalf of marginalized people in our district, to restore our democracy, and to leave behind a healthier and safer planet for our kids. But most of all I represent you I believe in co-governance. And as our first term comes to a close, I wanted to share some of the work we’ve done and how we can be a resource to help you directly during these times.

In Service,
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Ilhan Omar
Member of Congress

Representative Omar meets with students and staff at Eisenhower Elementary.Representative Omar meets with students and staff at Eisenhower Elementary.Representative Omar meets with the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Rep. Omar's first term accomplishments

Fighting for Economic Security and Racial Justice

Fighting for a Sustainable Planet, Fighting Corruption and Restoring Democracy, Fighting for Peace and Human Rights

Constituent Testimonial

Listening to You 

Rep. Omar’s top priority is making sure members of our community are taken care of. Her office has been working diligently to provide much-needed support to all members of our community. Her office is here to help, whether you’re having difficulties with Medicare, Social Security, the VA, Immigration, or any other federal agency.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact Rep. Omar’s office at (612) 333–1272.

You can view constituent testimonials here.