Art Competition

Art is often the context that helps us understand who we are and where our common ground is. This year, I encourage students to think about our shared country when making their piece. What is America to you?

  • Visual art competition open to all high schoolers in Minnesota’s Fifth District
  • Submissions are due via email by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 24
  • Voting is open to MN05 residents May 27 through June 2
  • Winning submission will get two plane tickets to Washington, DC & have their work displayed in the US Capitol for one year

Below are more details about the competition & how to submit your entry.

The competition is open to all high-schoolers who live or attend school in Minnesota’s Fifth District. There are no longer limits on the number of submissions per art teacher. We will upload the works, the titles, and the artist statement (with no name or high school listed) to an online portal. We will allow voting from the public at large, limiting one vote per email address. Voting is slated to be open May 27 through June 2. Rep. Omar will host a digital townhall sometime that week to announce the winners.

Digital works may be submitted in their original format, however the top three pieces will need to be provided as physical, framed pieces of art in order to be hung in Washington, DC and Rep. Omar’s offices. Each piece must meet the requirements outlined by the national organizers – no larger than 26 inches by 26 inches by 4 inches deep. Artists are encouraged to submit the highest-quality photo possible. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we will be canceling the spoken word and sculpture competitions this year, but we will be back next year. 

Pieces may be submitted digitally to directly by the artist. Competitors must also submit the student release form, fully filled out except for the “Art Teacher Signature” line. We will verify the originality of the piece with the art teacher listed after pieces have been submitted. The form and full rules can be found online here. All submissions are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 24th. If we do not receive the work and the release form by this time, the piece will not be included in the competition. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Nicky Leingang at (612) 333-1272 or e-mail