How We Can Help You

My top priority is making sure members of our community are taken care of. My office and I have been working diligently to provide much needed support to all members of our community. My office is here to help, whether you’re having difficulties with Medicare, Social Security, the VA, Immigration, or any other federal agency.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please contact my office at (612) 333–1272.

Casework Testimonials 

Ayman image


“I am a physician who was finishing up his residency training and accepted a job offer at the Louisiana Veterans Affairs health system. My immigration application was approved just before the pandemic hit, but the permanent residency card wasn't issued. The USCIS office closed as a result of the pandemic and my application was put on hold, which pushed back my start date by at least two months. Rep. Omar's office was kind enough to petition on my behalf for an expedited review of the case in the national interest, which we got a reply for in less than 2 weeks and I could complete my job requirements.” 

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“I am happy to share the positive experience I had with Rep Omar's office regarding my employment authorization document (EAD) renewal process with USCIS. My EAD was due to expire soon and I reached out to Rep Omar's office seeking assistance for an expedited review of my case by USCIS. Given our tough circumstances, their empathy and persistence were instrumental in getting things done even when we had lost all hope. The team was approachable, kind and supportive and left no stone unturned to make sure I got my EAD before the expiration date and protected me from losing my job. My family and I are really grateful to Rep Omar and her amazing team who helped us in these difficult times. I would recommend anyone facing tough circumstances to reach out to them for help!”  

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“I contacted Representative Omar’s office to see what help she might give me for my sister Valerie, stranded on a Covid-infected cruise ship off the coast of South America. Representative Omar and her staff offered me and my family needed moral support, and contacted the Carnival Corporation to extract post-disembarkation commitments for the care and safe return home of both passengers and crew. These commitments from the industry were crucial in the negotiations with local officials in the Florida port where they eventually disembarked.”



“Two months after U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approved my application for a work permit, they sent me a letter that they made a mistake and my work permit would be revoked soon. Not only that, they also deactivated my international student record, and I was no longer eligible to attend a master’s program at the University of St. Thomas. My entire life and future were thrown into limbo and no one seemed to be able to help. I spent over 10 months trying to resolve this issue using any resources I could find but with no success. When I was about to leave the country, I heard from my friend about seeking help from Congresswoman Omar’s office. Finally, I made the call. Within a month, her team had fixed everything in my case: my work permit was re-approved, I was granted a two-year work extension, and my student record was re-activated so I had the option of starting my grad program. My parents and I were exhausted and desperate for those 10 months. It was hard to believe at first that everything worked out perfectly.”



“I had been in touch with local and federal offices trying to figure out why my Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim was taking so long to process before I reached out for help. My claim was processing for 2 years before I contacted Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s office for assistance. My case was completed within a month of that contact and I was awarded over $11,000 from the Social Security Administration. I was just about to give up before I decided to reach out to Congresswoman Omar for help.”

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Robin and Roy

“Thank you for your voice and unyielding support that assisted in my husband’s release from Duluth prison camp during this dangerous pandemic. We are eternally grateful. As a wife concerned for my husband’s well-being, understanding my tears, you and your staff worked hard and kept me apprised of your efforts that led to his release. We are so thankful. IIhan Omar, you answered our call when we asked you to be a voice for us as our Representative. During this deadly pandemic the character of our nation will not be measured by how we treat those readily before us, but how we treat those easily forgotten. Congresswoman Omar has proven time and again that she is determined to fight for those forgotten in the 5th District. Her efforts put a smile on both of our faces.”

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“I am incredibly grateful to the office of Congresswoman Omar for helping me expedite my work permit through U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS). Like many other visa applicants, I was severely impacted by case backlogs and delays. Despite applying well in advance, the application for my new work permit was on a standstill for 8 months. After calling the agency for months trying to resolve the issue myself, I took my family’s advice and contacted Rep. Omar’s office for assistance. Not only were they incredibly responsive to my questions and inquiries, but continued to follow-up with me and give me updates throughout the whole process. After what seemed like a very long time my work permit arrived, and I can finally go back to work.”