Rep. Omar Statement on the American Rescue Plan

February 26, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Rep. Omar released the following statement on the American Rescue Plan to provide continued relief to the American people during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“When I was in my district last week, I saw personally the pain my constituents and their local representatives are feeling. They need help. 
“This bill provides essential relief to Minnesota, including $281 million for Minneapolis metro and $4.722 billion in relief for Minnesota.
“This bill expands SNAP – keeping hunger at bay for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans. It provides $170 billion in funding for K-12 schools and higher education. It provides additional support for vaccine distribution sites to get the virus under control—sites like the NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center in Minneapolis. It provides over 400 billion dollars for our state and local governments—preventing layoffs for public transit workers, first responders; and keeping critical services running at full strength in Minnesota. 
“This bill is a floor, not a ceiling. We still need to provide much more relief to Minnesotans—including recurring checks, student loan cancellation, and rent and mortgage cancellation. We need to fight for the Senate to retain the minimum wage increase in the House bill. 
“But let’s be clear: a vote against this is a vote against the health and well-being of your constituents. By opposing this bill you are supporting the devastation caused by this virus. It’s time to get more relief.”
You can read full details on the bill here.