Rep. Omar Passes Two Climate Amendments

September 24, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON–Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) sponsored two amendments that passed today in the Clean Economy Jobs and Innovation Act. The first amendment requires the Secretary of the Treasury to submit a report to Congress that identifies any existing fossil fuel production subsidies not eliminated in the bill and a quantification of the costs to taxpayers of such subsidies. The second amendment, based on the Zero Waste Actthat Rep. Omar introduced last year, creates a federal grant program to help local governments invest in waste reduction initiatives that will create jobs, grow domestic manufacturing, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our communities from health hazards, save energy, and further grow our economy.

“It is imperative we invest in solutions that match the scope of the climate crisis plaguing too many communities,” said Rep. Omar. “Unfortunately, this overall bill fails to meet the crucial moment we are in. We don’t have time for small, incremental changes—we need bold transformative action to combat the devastation taking place. Despite these serious flaws, I am glad both of my amendments were included in the final passage. My first amendment will hold this Administration accountable and inform the American people of taxpayer funded fossil fuel subsidies. My second amendment helps local governments invest in waste reduction initiatives, which is critical to preventing future damage to our planet. Both of these amendments will bring us closer to creating a more clean, equitable future for all. My hope is we can build on this progress and pass meaningful climate legislation.”